I am lucky enough to own my 6 month old Beardy, he's great, he looooooves me, but hates my boyfriend, lol!
From the day I got him I've annoyed him by constantly handling him and talking and singing to him, he responds to his name which I never knew reptiles did. He's so adorable. I've spoilt him terribly, I hand feed him, which he seems to prefer to. My boyfriend doesn't handle him much and now whenever he puts his hand in the tank Dracs puffs up, beard out and mouth open, its quite funny because when I got him at first Dracs seemed to prefer my boyfriend over me. My daughter handles him even less but he's fine with her.

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That is very natural...reptiles have a sixth sense and psychologically understand by the scents of the person near them.That is how they hunt..insects ,snakes bugs and flies for food.<br />
I love a thorny chameleon who goes RED when he comes to my bed to sleep ...leaving him in the kitchen ,finishes the cockroaches and crawlers .parks he goes green.<br />
positively comes back at night to sleep with me

oh how adorable. my beardy never liked any guys except my sons. when i hold him, he snuggles up on my shirt. if a guy walks close by me, he puffs up and his beard turns black. as if to say "go away, she's my mama"