Breeding Canaries

I have four canaries. One bright yellow called Sally, one grey called Sydney and two green ones called Tilly and Tom. I have had the yellow and grey one for quite a few months now but I have only recently had the two green ones as we're planning on breeding them. Me and my family are a huge fan on birds and would love to start breeding them and building an aviary. So far so good as this morning, the hen laid an egg. I was changing their water this morning when I noticed a little tiny egg in the middle of her nest, it was so exciting, I can't wait until she lays more and they start hatching and then seeing the lovely little babies. I love how every morning Tom sings very loudly to Tilly, I could listen to him sing all day, it's a lovely little tune.

My other two canaries Sydney and Sally are very comical. We're not breeding them as they're brother and sister but they're so fun to watch. They somehow manage to pull the threads out of my nan's curtains and they generally chew everything and never stop eating. I buy them canary sticks and seed bells which they absolutely love.

I really hope the breeding process becomes successful. It's going to be such an interesting and beautiful experience, I really am excited. If anyone has any tips or advice, please feel free to share them with me. :)
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1 Response May 25, 2012

All the best, please keep us informed on how it goes, thanks.

I will. So far she has laid 4 eggs so it's the waiting game now.

Hope she keeps going!