My Pet

I wake up to the gentle caress of a tongue on my ****.

Looking at the clock on the night stand, I see she has done her duty well.

she was made aware of my schedule the night before, and per my instructions woke herself at the appropriate time, and roused me from my slumber according to her training.

I look down my body at her. As she was taught, she keeps eye contact with me as her lips wrap around my pulsing head. her eyes are so beautiful.

she is on her knees between my legs, her feet crossed. her hands are behind her back, each holding the elbow of the opposite arm. her **** sway with the rhythm she is in while servicing me.

I gently stroke her hair, wiping a stray wisp from her brow. I feel a slight sheen of sweat upon her skin, the only sign that this position is

"You may use your hands on me now, my pet."

"Thank You, my Love," she attempts to say, mumbling around my ****. she knows not to remove her mouth from me to speak unless I request it. The vibration from her words is exquisite. I feel it all the way through my balls.

Although I have trained her in all the intimate ways to please me, the one area I left alone was her skills as a **********. she naturally, instinctively, knows exactly what to do. It's as if she were made for giving head.

So, I lay back, planning what we will have for breakfast, while her fingers work their magic and her throat squeezes my **** head with her tongue tracing the length of my shaft.

My fingers run through her hair, encouraging her, letting her know she is pleasing me.

When I am ready, I grip her hair. she knows what this means, and plants her hands outside my hips. I hold her head in place now, ******* her throat until I peak, filling her mouth with my seed. she is an amazing little cumslut, and swallows all she can, licking up anything that remains on my **** and balls. she leaves any that has leaked onto her face, though, as a reminder of her place as my *****.

she sits up when she is done, still on her knees, with her hands on her thighs, elbows in. her eyes are cast down at her fingers.

I go to shower, freshening up for the day ahead. I know she would rather be in here with me - during our routine Desire Discussions, where she is allowed to speak freely, she has expressed her wish to bathe me - but she has accepted that those special times are reserved for weekends when she has earned the privilege.

When I return to the room, she is still in her kneeling position. Such a good pet.

I watch her closely as I towel off near her, looking for signs of infraction. she does not move. she knows her reward is coming soon.

I sit on the edge of the bed, and with a snap of my fingers, her signal for attention, I say, "Inspection."

she hurries in front of me and stands a foot away, placing both hands behind her head, fingers locked, elbows out, holding her hair off her neck. her feet are spread apart, past shoulder-width. her eyes are on the ceiling.

I look for subtle bruising, knowing that last night was intense between us. Cupping and raising her breasts, gripping and turning her thighs, raising her chin to expose her throat I find none.


she does, and I continue the search, across her shoulders, neck, back. her *** looks delicious, but unbruised, her legs are clear.

If any had been found, she would be allowed time for recovery. Although in a previous Desire Discussion, she has let me know she is ok to continue with some bruises, that is not my wish. se is my pet, and I care for her well-being, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


Now I explore her sex, my fingers pushing inside her, spreading her lips. A slight scent fills the air, the subtle aroma of last night's passion. Good, she did not take it upon herself to bathe. she knows that is my privilege.

"Open Position."

she kneels at my feet, knees spread, hands on her thighs, palms upward, eyes on her fingers.

As I stand, my **** grazes her face. I hear a soft sigh, but she is well-trained and doesn't move.

I run her bath, warm and bubbly, the way she likes it. Her favorite towels are set aside and ready.

I open her closet, and start laying out her clothes on the bed. A black skirt, mini in length, the kind that flashes panties or ***** at the slightest bend of the waist. A pink button-down blouse, low cut to display her beautiful cleavage. A corset and belt, black lace and tiny pink bows with matching seamed hose. Her favorite pair of pink and black Jimmy Choo's with four inch heels.

I contemplate on a pair of knickers, then decide against it. I will be working out of my home office today, giving a webinar, so there will be no need for them.

"Carry," I command, snapping my fingers.

she stands and leans into me as I pick her up. her arm drapes around my neck, her flesh warm against mine. she is allowed eye contact when I carry her, and she looks into mine with those incredible deep browns. My heart melts as I feel her love wash through me.

she leans her head against me and smiles.

I lower her into the cloud of bubbles, the warm water surrounding her sexy body.

Moving to the top of the tub, I wash her long brown hair first, reveling in the texture as the wet strands slide through my fingers.

Then I wash her body, starting at the neck and working slow, sensual caresses down to her toes.

"If you are ready, my pet, ask me," I whisper.

She breathlessly sighs, "Please, my Love, will you make Your ***** *** for You?" her soft, sultry voice fills my head.

I lean in, place my mouth on hers. her lips part and hungrily accepts my tongue.

Under the water, my fingers trace her *****, parting the lips. My thumb presses against her ****, moving in firm circles. I slide two fingers deep inside, pushing them up against her frontal wall. I move them in subtle pulses until I feel her tense, then relax. I hold them there, and start curling them against her. My little finger slides down, wiggling against her ***, then teasing its way just inside.

I wrap my arm around her shoulders, cradling her head and continue kissing her. My hand finds her hardened nipple and I grip it firmly, pulling it out with a subtle twist.

she starts grinding herself down upon my hand, moaning into my mouth. she is close.

Her breath catches, then she gasps. she does this again and again, as she rides the wave of her morning ******.

"good girl," I whisper, kissing her on her forehead, "now freshen up for the day while I get dressed, and assume Open Position on the bed when you're ready for me to dress you."

she stands, the water shining on her glorious body. As she steps out of the tub, and accepts her towel, I give her wet *** a hard, affectionate swat.

she yelps, and smiles, knowing she wasn't supposed to make a sound. she just earned herself some discipline...


I love you, my pet. you please me beyond all measure, and I will keep you forever

herLovingOwner herLovingOwner
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Yes Iapet, it is beautiful. Back when it was posted I was using the ID SatinPanties, I am the SP to which the comments refer. About six months after the original post FantasiaRealms reactivated it and after receiving the alert I reread it - very worthwhile. And now, a year later, you have reactivated and I have reread it. Very worthwhile. I have changed I think for the better

Thank you Fantasia, for reactivating this story and comments. I needed to reread them.tommy

A brilliant and beautiful story of commitment and love, one for the other in a dynamic so perfectly designed to enhance both sexes in their dominance and submission, one to the other. I've very much enjoyed reading and shall look for more of your inks soon around this place:) Thank you for sharing this bit of your life and your world, Sir:)

Thank You.<br />
<br />
I most sincerely hope I am strong enough. I want to be. I will try to be.<br />
<br />
Thank You, again<br />
<br />
I have tears in my eyes because I so want to please my Mistress, my MistressP. Not tears of fear of failure but of such very strong desire. I can't believe it.

SP, dear one, that voice you hear... that is NOT your soul, it is your cage. <br />
<br />
That voice is the siren's song... sultry, alluring, and utterly damaging to the soul, guiding you to bash your ship on the rocks of defeat even before your journey begins.<br />
<br />
When we hear self-defeating words from our cages, it is so easy to go to a comfortable place within ourselves where the challenge of personal growth fades. Within defeat lies complacency for the status quo.<br />
<br />
As your Mistress's slave, you must understand the simple fact that She Owns you. She doesn't just Own "the kinky guy," but all of you.<br />
<br />
With no disrespect intended, I will say that in not trusting yourself to be complete for your Mistress, you are not allowing Her to be everything She can be for you.<br />
<br />
No matter what the dynamic (Mistress/slave, Owner/pet, Parent/child, etc.) the relationship is ALWAYS a two-way street. From Our position (your Mistress, Myself and Others), We know how to guide you out of your cage, but you must understand that the lock is on the inside and only you have the key.<br />
<br />
Your inner self-defeatist voice clouds your soul's vision from finding that key. We are there to let you know you are safe within our Control, and in trusting Us, you can find the strength within yourself to stop listening to that harmful voice, and grow to the full potential you hold within.<br />
<br />
You Mistress is extremely experienced, and entirely capable of helping you, teaching you and guiding you on that journey. You trust Her, I can tell. You know in your heart She has your spiritual well-being in mind.<br />
<br />
Trust yourself, dear slave. You are strong enough.

Thank You for that very well thought out comment.<br />
"You are dedicated to fulfilling your personal needs by compliance and servitude to Her Desires, yes?" Oh Dear God, YES. <br />
I have been thinking a LOT about this very new relationship. Today I came up with this analogy: Like a man who does his "honey-do" list, not to get her off his back, not because he agrees they need to be done, but simply because by doing them he pleases her - I do so want to please MistressP even by doing thing that aren't on my honey-do list but someone else's.<br />
It is with Your penultimate paragraph that I have trouble<br />
" SP, in your heart, soul, mind and spirit, give yourself over fully to who you are. Trust in yourself to be real, and trust in MistressP to keep you safe while you grow. When you do this unconditionally, you will feel the shift within yourself, and you will know, right then and there, that the miles don't matter."<br />
I don't like who I think I am. I don't have a problem with the kinky guy but the soul underneath that. I am afraid to let him be real. I do trust MistressP; it's myself I don't trust. It's a war inside me. I want to be perfect for Her but I keep hearing the words "You're a failure" inside my head. She tells me to stop that and I do - but it keeps coming back.<br />
I am not refusing Your advice, far from it I am just letting my frustration with myself out into the open.

MP, thank You for Your eloquence and kindness. You are truly Divine. And, in addition to My support and encouragement, You may, and rightfully should, include My respect and admiration. Thank You for Your friendship. You are an inspiration, dear Lady.<br />
<br />
SP, do not compare your subservience to another...<br />
<br />
I am truly honored, and I know My pet is as well, that you can see the passionate and loving depth of Our relationship. We are blessed that, in sharing with others the beautiful experiences that Our life together has allowed us, others are inspired to model their dynamics after Us.<br />
<br />
We truly and completely value the friendships that have come from this.<br />
<br />
However, please be aware that each one of us, as humans, are unique spirits within. And it is in the bonding of these defined and complete spirits where the full Power of a cohesive dynamic lies.<br />
<br />
To put it simply, what works for some does not always work for all.<br />
<br />
SP, what I gather from your "pun" is that physical miles separate you from your Mistress. Seriously this means nothing.<br />
<br />
You are dedicated to fulfilling your personal needs by compliance and servitude to Her Desires, yes?<br />
<br />
Let's take a quick journey, shall we?<br />
<br />
You are there, the miles are gone. You are in MistressP's physical Presence, and now all tactile stimulation is available between you.<br />
<br />
I will argue that all the physical contact in the world will never achieve or accomplish anything between you unless and until your mind is free of you own personally built cage.<br />
<br />
Just like watching a movie, hearing a song, or reading a book can affect you so emotionally that you are physically moved to laugh, cry, or shout in anger, the events that can occur between you and your Mistress, regardless of the miles, can do the same.<br />
<br />
You are not an actor in the movie, and the actors themselves are not in the real event, yet your mind takes you there. The song that haunts you long after the last note is played can easily bring back all the memories of whatever emotions you were feeling the first time you heard it. And that book, those wonderful words that wield such terrifying power, it paints the canvas of your imagination in such exquisite detail that you may put it down between chapters but you never truly walk away from it until the story is done.<br />
<br />
SP, in your heart, soul, mind and spirit, give yourself over fully to who you are. Trust in yourself to be real, and trust in MistressP to keep you safe while you grow. When you do this unconditionally, you will feel the shift within yourself, and you will know, right then and there, that the miles don't matter.<br />
<br />
What matters is the two of You... all else (as another well-respected Master, mrcrimson3x, likes to say) is just the icing on the cake.

Yes, Mistress, they are wonderful and we all are lucky that HerLovingOwner shared with us. And I see I have miles to go (pun sadly intended) before I could serve You as well as His pet serves Him.

Aren't they wonderful, My slave? How lucky we all are that herLovingOwner chooses to share with us the pleasures His pet gives to Him. And how fortunate I feel to have His support and encouragement, and to call Him My friend.

Oh My God - what a pair you two make.

sounds realy realy great thanks for accepting me as a friend of her