Cyrus My Savannah Monitor

Cyrus is my 1 foot juvenile male savannah monitor. he's a badass friend! he's sweet, cocky, and comical. he can be lazy at times and a handful at others. he loves to sleep in bed with me and share my hot bath. he doesn't bite and always flicks his tongue on me when i give him a kiss. he's with me right now lying on my stomach. The only time he's ever scary is sometimes when he eats. he even sleeps with all of my ball pythons, big and small. his favorite is my 3 ft female labrynth female CoCo.

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Wow. I'm surprised your monitor isnt dead. You're doing everything wrong. In case you didn't know, ball pythons and savannah monitors not only have entirely different habitat needs, but they are natural enemies and eat each other in the wild. <br />
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If your monitor isn't obese/dying/ something of the sort, I suggest you read this book and change a lot of things about your monitor's life.<br />
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"The Savanna Monitor Lizard: The truth about _Varanus exanthematicus_" by Daniel Bennett and Ravi Thakoordyal. Read it. now.

no i don't need a permit, great question though! yes i feed live and active rats(he will eat stunned or thawed) sometimes they try to bite him so i hit their head on a hard surface so they a stunned or their back is broken. lol he also eats small shrimp(very unusual) processed meat, or even a bit of my hamburger lol....please if any one has a unwanted savannah monitor or other monitor please let me know i'm experienced and willing to give them forever homes!!!!

wow so b4 this moment I had no idea what that lizard even was. It's beautiful! I don't think I could watch it eat rodents though as I have a pet rat lol, do they eat them live or frozen? you need a special permit to keep reptiles...where do you get his food????/