Just Got Bitten

my new yearling savannah monitor just bit me. i turned too suddenly and it lurched forward and latched onto my upper lip. it was clamped so hard that john had to use a car key(which ended up getting bent) to get into her mouth and pry it open. we ended up breaking one of her teeth(which i found later). we washed the bite off and ran over to the neighbors house who were waiting with that burning alcohol stuff. it got cleaned, now we are waiting to see what will happen, monitors are dirty and tend to have plenty of bacteria in their mouths, you gotta think about that fact that we feed them mice and insects. but i quickly picked her back up again so that i wouldn't become afraid of her because i dont blame her for feeling threatened. i checked her to make sure she wasn't injured, thats when i found her tooth laying in her mouth and i put it in a little jar for a trophy for my first bite. she's just fine and i will be too

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8 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Ooh painful! Hope you are both ok! Has it scarred?

i hope you r ok now.... be carefull next time xxx

well at the time i was holding her...so i pretty sure she knew i was there...

She is really cute! Maybe you should talk to her and basically tell her what you're going to do before you do it. or at least say hi to her before going near her so that she knows you're there.

thank you, i'm working more and more with her everyday at her pace to avoid this reaccuring

The monitors scare me, they are beautiful but the bites look so big even for a really small one, but I'm very glad to heard your both ok!

lol not really

...and I have a plant, same thing.