Lizzi Likes Punk?

Apparently my bearded dragon really likes blink 182...

We've been listening to a few tracks and he will either react by tilting his head to listen to it or when he doesnt like a song he puts his head down. Ive never seen an animal react to so much.

We havent tried any other bands yet but im getting curious to see Lizzi's preference in music

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6 Responses Mar 6, 2010

my anole looks at me funny when I play music on my computer

Thank you!

Oh my goodness that is so cool! We've never listened to music together, but hey I'll try it! I know that sometimes I'll hum a song to him and he'll react to that so it makes sense. Neat story!

I think its great! I mean with dogs you can tell when they are happy or sad or depressed or whatever they may be feeling, they let you know. But with lizards they cants speak or rub up against you or anything like that but when you turn on music they sure let you know what they like and what they dont like.

hehe, my Arnie (10yr+ beardie) loves heavy industrial & metal (Cradle of Filth, Ministry, etc) and Tori Amos.<br />
<br />
Some think that lizards are "dumb" and have small brains cuz they work mostly on instinct (ok, that's mostly true), but they do definitely have feelings and emotional reactions to different stimuli, which can be thoroughly interesting to examine.

lol its great to watch them i guess "be curious". He was dancing and running around, wouldnt eat cause every time he got to his food bowl he'd hear something and run back.