Help please.

The kids just received two baby rabbits as present. (I will skip my thoughts about the gift giver)

I do not have anything for rabbits. I put them in a carrier for the cat. I'll strap on a bottle of water that I had for the guinea pigs.

Eh... and now?!???
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*sticks out tongue* very funny


don't be *smile* they were destined to be meat rabbits. That's what they were born for. I fell in love with the little critters and plan on getting them fixed and keep them a good 10 years. I'm a meat eater and have ate rabbits a hare *wink* just not mine

Ehh, what's up doc?


They need something to chew ... The front teeth keep growing..... Lots of carrots...hard root vegetable...i never owned a rabbit... Maybe google some other advise about what else they need from day to day... friend used to own one...and he would let the rabbit loose in the garden...(it was a very secured garden... So the rabbit could not escape)...
they also don't make any they cant tell you they are hungry...
maybe a visit to a local pet store......
sorry cant be more helpful....

Thank you for the help :-)
I googled there's so much différent ways to provider a good housing and proper I'll stick to what my intuition and pick what I think is right :-)
Oh and tomorrow the boys and I are building a condo for the bunnys fun fun fun :-)

IM sure Mr rabbit will be most happy in his new accommodation.. Have fun 🐰🐰🐰🐰

We will ;-)
I'm wondering, can you see them ?

I can

.they look adorable 🐰

Thank you :-)
(First pic I share on EP loll)

And a wonderful picture it is... So pleased you posted it...
such cute little bunnies.
i just want to cuddle them ...

They fit in the palm of my hand :-)

Awwwweeee cute...
**picks up bunny and gives him a big kiss** ...
they are probably all soft and warm....lovely xx

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