Wonki is my little 4 year old sweetheart.  Right now she is jumping in and out of her little swimming pool in her room and having a great time.  She will sleep good tonight.  

I raised her from shortly after she was born.   She was brought to me as a rescue from someone who found her on a trail while they were fishing.  They waited all day and almost into the night before they could stand her cries no more and brought her in.  I have done a lot of rescue work and was currently taking care of lost or uncared for Ferrets. 

She was perhaps a week old at most and had left the nest even with eyes closed.  It was an Internet scrabble to find the right feeding mix and basic info on how to take care of her. Many nights were long for some time. 

Two days later the same people brought to me her siblings but it was to late to save them.  Exposure and malnutrition claimed all the others.  It was hard as all that could be done was with no success.  In my state the vets are not allowed to do anything.   The State in all the wisdom we have come to expect from them deems it better that they suffer. 

Wonki lived and I am mom to her.  She was going to make it no matter what.   She got her name because even when in her own little enclosed and warmed bed at night I would her her crawl and bonk the edge of her cage.  Wonk, bonk, Wonk all night long. She earned her name.

Wonki is safe now.  I hold a permit for her (another story) and she is very healthy.  Hers is a happy world.  She is allowed into the house though the house had to sort of be made Raccon safe.  She knows what no means and more importantly she will respond in a good way to that word.  When it was just me she was able to sleep in the bed with me though the 5 am slap in my face to play could get a little old.  New person in my life does well with her but no more sleeping in our room with us.  Wonki handled it well and she has several places in her room to sleep.

I used to take her for walks at a lake trail not far from home.  However because so many people seem to think that leases are optional for their dogs I have chosen not to do that anymore.  At least not until winter when one can go there without seeing another soul.  In the mean time I am designing a back yard that is safe for her and all others around here.   In the mean time she has a lot of interaction with us and gets to play a little rough with me.  She knows not to bite hard and will stop if she hears  ouch that is hurting.   She loves to hang on my arm and sometimes will ride on my shoulder just for fun.

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Aww, Wonki sounds lovely.. :) I am trying to get Raccoon people together, because it's hard to find each other! Join my new board at RaccoonCircle.boards.com :)<br />
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