Corn Snake Called George.

We both really love our little Anery Corn Snake called George. He has just turned 2 years of age.  I am the one who feeds him and cleans him out, but my husband also loves him. We joke "I love you as much as I love George" ha-ha.

They are really amazing creatures to own. Don't claw the furniture or shed fur everywhere. Despite what people might think, they don't bite, or at least corns don't.

What amuses us is that he often watches us as well.

What I find odd is why people use "snake" as an insult to other people. They get such a bad reputation. Often a bad reputation on TV as well as there is a lot of programmes showing how dangerous the venomous snakes are and people sharing their experiences of their near death. Granted all that is true, but there is another side of them.
thevibe thevibe
31-35, F
Jul 22, 2010