Axle is a blue nose pitbul. He is about a year and a half almost, and i love him to death. Without him i really dont think i would be here anymore. Whenever i need to talk, he listens. When ever i want to just cuddle, he cuddles. He goes for walks and runs with me when i need to calm down or just get away. I love Axle. He is my everything and i dont know what i would do if something ever happened to him, he is un replaceable thats for sure. Most people dont like pitbulls but he is the nicest dog i have ever met.
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I can understand your love for Axle. I, too, once had a pit bull that I loved very much. She was so smart! No matter what my mood, she was right there for me. She learned a few tricks and made me so proud when she would show off in front of my family and friends! No matter what happened, she never judged me. I loved that old dog till the end of her days...and held her as the vet lovingly put her to sleep for the last time...out of her pain and suffering. Ah, the memories. So sweet!

for sure i agree with both of you. when ever i feel lonely i go to Axle. i was actually gone for a month and when i got home he was the most happiest out of everyone to see me! and sometimes when im home alone i put a plate of food with the same stuff im eating at the table and have him sit in the chair with me and eat...only once in a while though lol dont want him to get into a bad habbit. i love him and i dont know what i would do without him! he is my everything.

Dogs are truly our best friends. They don't judge us, betray us or let us down, they are just amazing animals who all they want to do is show their love even if they can't speak, you know you can understand them and they can understand you too. I absolutely love my dog too, his name is Max. He is so loyal to me and is there for me always whenever I need him, I know I can count on him. We are always palying together, walking, eating and even sleeping. I love him, and I have no idea what I would do without him.

i can understand how u feel exactly<br /> my cat..and ilove her to i can say she is my best friend ever..she listen and cuddel..<br />
life won't be good if she isn't at'r GOD's gift for us..cos we feel lonely<br />
even thou..alots of ppl around me..still....feel lonely