Unconditional Love

My shih tzu Abbie loves me no matter what I do or how I act. I can tell her anything and she is my loyal friend forever. There were times I had nobody there, but she was by my side always no matter what. Pets can be the best companions in the world and they are better than people because you don't have to worry about them leaving you, talking back, or hurting you.

I would be lost without my friend Abbie.

cinfullynn cinfullynn
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2008

I feel the same way about my cats. They have been all over the U.S. with me and were my ONLY companions at times. That is why I spend all the money at the vet's office for exams, anitibiotics, insulin, etc when other people act like I'm crazy for doing it. My pets are my babies and they are NOT disposable.

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