My Dog Is My Family

6 years ago I adopted a 1 year old alaskan malamute and although he was slated to be euthanized the next is really him who saved my life. I had had a rough time since losing my mother in '04 (lost my dad in '96) and I felt so alone and disconnected from the rest of the world. I have siblings but we have not remained close. I had so much love to give and missed the comfort of being loved by even one person unconditionally. I had wanted a dog as an adult but had never got one because I wanted to wait til I had a home...most rentals do not allow pets...and I knew I wanted a big dog. At this time, I had bought a house with a big yard, now all that was missing was my big dog. I did all kinds of research to make sure I got a dog that appealed to me and would fit my lifestyle. I knew immediately I wanted to rescue a dog and an adult dog, I work too many long hours for a puppy & I am not the most patient person in the world. Anyway, I was notified by one of the rescues I had filled an application with that there was a malamute about to be put to death a few counties away and that if I would just get him out of the shelter, they would help me find him a home if I did not want to keep him. Well I couldn't say no to that. I went and got him and by the time we drove the hour and half back to my house, I knew he was mine. I could not have built a more perfect dog for me. He has the exact coloring and markings I was attracted to and his personality...well...he's an angel. Most of the time when I tell folks his story they assume that he was the lucky one but I don't know if I will ever be able to repay him for all the joy and happiness he has brought me. I do my very best to show him and will for the rest of his life. I owe him that.
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Oh that's so nice you both completed the other.They are beautiful dogs,so intelligent and funny.

I LOVE this story FB. And I also know the universe directed your journey to each other. I believe that 100%. You were meant to be together. I had the same connection with my dog who has since passed. I'm really happy for you, that you found such a good friend. :-) Awesome