My Trusty Steed ... :p

I have a horse and a dog, but the main reason I can keep my head on is my horse. He's always there when I need an escape from the house, just like my truck--they're both very reliable and I love them for that.  And even if I don't ride him, I can go hang out with him in his pen and he seems to enjoy my company, too.  Can't say for sure--you'd have to ask him...

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2008

Yeah, that's right they do. He was also one main reason I didn't go through with any suicide plans cuz he'd be alone.<br />
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They say animals are a reflection of their owner, and i guess he adopted my odd, sometimes violent way of showing love and appreciation. I hit things I love, and he backs his ears and nips at my jacket--of course, he's bigger than me, so he could actually do damaged if that was his intent.

I clearly understand what your saying. Our pets: horses, cats and dogs, whatever they are....Love us unconditionally!<br />
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Peedeedog was there for me and his love was unconditional, when I went through a very nasty divorce.