My Little Pooch Who Seems to Know Her Doting Mummy Can't See Her?

My name is Jennie. I am almost 40, a mother with teens, and blind from birth. I have a westie called Jay, she's 10 next month! I got her when she was just 3 months old, from a pet store in London? I'd never seen a westie before, but my mother bought two, and I fell in love with the "sticky up ears"! *smile*. My dog is a nutcase! she is the most vocal dog in the world! I wish I had the capacity to upload a video of her, she TALKS! They say pets are irreplaceable, I think I'd be hard pushed to find another talking dog! she play growls, play barks, foot fights, the lot! but only to me? Very strange, don't you think? They say animals have a sixth sense, that they know about their owners' problems/issues, Jay certainly does! This is the first message I have left on this system, so I hope it works! Jennie. xx
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

You are an inspiration Jennie. I hope you know that.. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful story

Jennie, your story worked perfectly. I love the sound of your dog - she sounds like a great friend. I'm always surprised how individual and different the personalities of our pets can be. <br />
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For many years we have had two cats. The older one (ZiZi) was slim, fussy with her food and rather aloof. A typical cat one might say! But the other one, Sooty is completely different! A big fat lazy friendly puss who behaves in some ways more like a dog!<br />
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They lived for years in a state of "armed truce" with each other but when poor old ZiZi died last year (aged 17) Sooty was in mourning for her for weeks!!<br />
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I hope you keep your beloved Jay for many more years - she is obviously a joy and a delight.