It Was Bad But I So Want It To Happen Again

When I was about 13 I was walking to my school and took a detour as I had at least 30 minuets. So as I went down this absolute stunning brunnete about 5"11 accidentally bumped into me and said she was sorry, then as I was about to make a turn right this older girl dragged me to the floor and pinned me down, this girl had jet black hair and was about 5"10. The brunette then came over again and I thought she was gonna help me but instead she pulled her knickers down and sat on my face making me lick her ***** and ***. Now they were like animals trying to use my body anyway they can by using my face, my chest, and my ****. At the time I was terrified of what happened but looking back at it. I would love it to happen again
Simonlomas Simonlomas
18-21, M
May 8, 2012