I am assuming it's because I have lost alot of people I love and I have anxiety/depression. So you can imagine.
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I feel exactly the same

Tell me, what would you think of a flower that died? You brought it in from a field of flowers, cultivated it, loved it, cherished it, and then became distraught that it died.<br />
<br />
Why?<br />
<br />
You knew it would die. Just as you know you will die. Your friends will die. Everything exists in that pattern. Why do you fear the inevitable? Because you wield no control over it? That is not fear, that is power hungry.<br />
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Depression...anxiety...little of that matters in the scheme of things.

Well, for me personally I can't say that I fear death much. More like I fear the afterlife and where we end up eventually. But will always feel scared for something to happen to my family and loved ones