Its Taken Over My Whole Life!!

every day wen i wake up i get dressed and i look in the mirror, and ther lookin bak at me are the 2 scars. just remindin me of what i went through becos someone i trusted couldnt do their job.

3 years ago i was at work wen i got stomach cramp, at first i thought i was hungry but as the day went on it got worse until i couldnt stand. my parents took me to A and E, as u do, to get me checked out. Well all the tests in the world and an ultrasound later they told me i had ovarian cists (which was not the real problem) so they gave me some antiinflamatries and really strong pain killers an sent me home thinking the problem would b gone in a couple of days.

4 days and a load of vomit later i went to my GP who did another blood test and sent me home with more painkillers.

3 days later after i couldnt stand let alone walk, so was living on the sofa so that i could still talk to people, the phone rings an its my GP tellin my dad to get me to hospital now they need to operate.

turns out i had a rumblin appendix wen i had first gone in. now it was a week later an it burst leakin all the crap into my system.

so becos one guy couldnt do his job i got peritinitus which is horrible, was in a coma for a week, had to teach myself to walk, have 2 huge scars across my stomach which has killed my self confidance, and also i have a severe phobia of ne thing medical which has gotten to the point where i have panic attacks and black out even going along the same road as a hospital.

all my friends tell me to sue becos this has ruined my life but i cant b in a room with doctors again, plus i couldnt take money from the NHS, they may b **** but they need all the help they can get.

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1 Response Apr 23, 2007

Screw them they dint help you why should you help them?! F**king quacks you should sue the pants off them!! P.S. I'm sad for what you had to go through doctors just **** me off!! I hope you can find some wat to reconcile this within yourself incase you have to go back for something else.... Goddess forbid!!