Belonephobia/ Trypanophobia

 I was hospitalized in 5th grade for a bruised pancreas. I recieved about 10 needles for drawing blood or injecting meds and such, and on top of that I had about four different I.V.s. Needless to say (HAH the word needles is in that word.), I am now traumatized. If there is a movie where someone pulls out a needle, I get woozy and I have to hide. When I got my meningitis shot, It took 2 nurses plus my mother to hold me down and all of that took about 30 minutes. My friends no longer tease me by taking mechanical pencils and pulling the lead out so it looks like a needle, because I fainted one time. I have scars on my arm from where blood was drawn. I was so dehydrated, the needles from the hospital left a mark and I get queasy thinking about it.

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

yeah, never had to be held down. It'd be much worse if I did. If they have to hold you( which I've only ever heard of) it's worse because you're so stressed your muscles are contracting and become stiff, which makes the pain of them sticking you worse.

sounds like me having to be held down :( not nice is it!