this may sound kinda wierd but i have a phobia of nightmares. i think that it is because when i was younger i had a really bad nightmare and that is one of the only dreams that i remember. but whatever the cause most nights i am afraid to go to sleep because i am afraid that i will have nightmares or really any dream at all. my phobia might be caused by hearing baout other peoples nightmares and problems but whatever. i still think that it is kinda wierd but no one knows about this. my friends just think that i like to stay up late but that itsnt it because in all honesty i think that staying up late is useless because people need sleep and they need a regular schedule to go by at least in my opinion because im just oone of those poeple who needs a set schedule. so i hate staying up late but i guess on some subconcious level i need to stay awake so that i wont have nightmares or bad dreams so i stay up late at night and wake up early in the morning so i really never get that much sleep. my mom thinks that im the energizer bunny encarnate(that cracks me up cause i didnt even know that the energizer bunny died to be emcarnated) she calls me that because she knows that i dont get much sleep but how can i when i basically play her role in this house that we share. well i will try to sleep now because it is past 2 thirty am.
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Well I am young and every single nightmare I've ever had always repeats. This night one I haven't thought about for years showed up again. Sometimes I am able to open my eyes to make the nightmare go away...But as soon as I close them It resumes like it was on pause. The only different thing were the people.

lol. good idea. i guess that i will just think happy thoughts 'fore i go to sleep every

think of something good before you go to sleep... like me ;)

i have like 3 dream catchers. two that i made and one that my aunt made. they do work but when im not in my room they dont work.<br />
good idea tho'. thanx.

life is my nightmare. life scares me. the best thing you can do is get a dream catcher (they really work). i got one and now i dont have nightmares or dreams at all.

i have nightmares like that kinda sometimes.. but they arent the worst..... leaving the light ON terrifies i cannot sleep with the light on.... it scares

i have had a psyciatrist before it did no good, and there isnt anyone like really close to me anymore that i would be able to tell of these night mares.<br />
yes i listen to music every night that is the only way i can go to sleep at all. the silence scares me alot.

have you tried listening to music when you go to bed? That might help, or you could try listening to an audio book or something. I'm not sure if it would help but it would be worth a try

well i think that you should see a psyciatrist...not to be mean, but they will help you. they will analyze you and help figure out the reasons to your phobia of nightmare, and how you can over come it. if not then you should tell someone that is very close to you so that you do not feel like your trying to keep this secret to yourself......just find help because in all honesty you are slowly killing yourself by the lack of sleep.