Fat People Scare Me

My phobia started when i was little, if ever i saw somebody who was obese i would freak out and start to panic and cry, i guess the main reason was they were much bigger than me and i felt intimidated. I have always been quite a shy person and my phobia seemed to get worse, and has always stuck with me. Once i get to know the person (as long as they are nice) my feelings of being scared usually dissappear. In a way the phobia has taken over my life, I find it hard to socialise and meet new people incase i come across someone who may be on the large side. I don't want to offend anybody in the slightest and I know it sounds pathetic to hear but it's not like I can help how I feel :/ I hope that one day I can take controll of my fear instead of it controlling my life! I feel pathetic just typing out my feelings but I hope even just one person may be able to relate to this and understand how I am feeling?
butterflies1996 butterflies1996
1 Response May 7, 2012

I don't know if you ever got past this but I think you were really brave to share it.