Never, Ever.

I don't care if I live to be 200yrs old, I'm not going to get pregnant or have kids. Period. I don't care how "fine" or how "rich" a man is, I will not allow that to happen to me. I don't want kids and don't have a human maternal instinct. I'd rather be dead or in a wheelchair than have kids. I'd rather give up my freedom to animals/pets :)

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That's ok. You don't have to have babies. There are lots already!! Have things in your life that does make you happy!!

Being pregnant is so exciting, you feel the presence of another little angel inside..... I felt it but unfortunately I could not have him in my arms, because I underwent a forced to adoption because of the high blood pressure as a consequence of a problem I had in my kidneys, which I was not aware of. But even why I lost a battle the war is still waiting for me..... I will try again, although I know now that every pregnancy of mine is with high risk.... The hope is the last to die, and I will "fight" to have a baby of mine in my arms.... I am not judging you but I can say that when I realized I was pregnant at first, I thought it will ruin my life, my body, my freedom...but everything changed when I first felt his kicks :( Wishing you the best!

ur not alone at all! i am tocophobia as well, tocophobia enough that i am in a gay relationship right now! i hate babies! they ruin ur life!

I understand how you feel. I've never wanted to have kids, but it's a new level with me, I've had nightmares my whole life about pregnancy, even before I had sex I had immaculate conception dreams. It disgusts me. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I refuse to ever undergo pregnancy.

I've thought about it for a while. Probably not because I've had aquaintences who were foster children and they didn't give any homage or said that their lives were any better by having a foster parent. It's pretty sad to think that you can give your money and time to these kids/teens and yet they are still not thankful and want to run away from you, anyways. I'd rather be a foster mom for pets/animals.

Have you thought about not adoption but foster homes? They only stay with you for a little while, and the kids are probably as rough as you are (jk, but really, it would be interesting). Plus, you could choose what age you wanted to watch over, and find the ones that they are most like an animal or a pet.