I Really Want Kids In The Future But Pregnancy And Labour Scare Me Something Stupid...

I am 25 and so shouldn't be feeling like this as most women my age are wanting babies.
I love babies and toddlers but the thought of being pregnant and giving birth scares me more then anything in the world.
I hate the thought of something growing inside me, the extreme tiredness, the sickness, the backache, the physical limitations etc. Then the actual giving birth part, hours of agony which you can't get away from. Pain that women who have given birth say is the most unbelievably and excruciating you can ever imagine.
I feel weird for not loving the idea of it all. I can't wait to have my own children but it's the pregnancy and labour I don't think I can go through. I don't know how women do it I really don't. I feel under pressure to get over this phobia as time goes so quick and I can't imagine a life without a child in it.
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5 Responses Apr 29, 2011

Im having the same fears , I thought i was the weirdest girl in my family as all girls get pregnant after 2 months of marriage. Im under a lot of preasure, my fiance thinks that i dont want to have kids because i dont want to start a family, which is not true. I guess the biological clock is not ticking right now, we have to wait till we can bear the pain to have our kids

Being pregnant is so exciting, you feel the presence of another little angel inside..... I felt it but unfortunately I could not have him in my arms, because I underwent a forced to adoption because of the high blood pressure as a consequence of a problem I had in my kidneys, which I was not aware of. But even why I lost a battle the war is still waiting for me..... I will try again, although I know now that every pregnancy of mine is with high risk.... The hope is the last to die, and I will "fight" to have a baby of mine in my arms.... I am not judging you but I can say that when I realized I was pregnant at first, I thought it will ruin my life, my body, my freedom...but everything changed when I first felt his kicks :( Wishing you the best!

Me too! I would definitely adopt.....

ur not alone at all! i am tocophobia as well, tocophobia enough that i am in a gay relationship right now! i hate babies! they ruin ur life!

surrogate? adoption?