For years after my first child was born, all I hoped for was to be pregnant again. It never happened and I eventually accepted when he was a young teenager that there would be no more and to be satisfied that I had one healthy child.
And then, when the first was 17 and I had really begun to enjoy some freedom, SURPRISE! I got pregnant.
Yes, I adore that one too. He's a toddler now and the most charming little devil you ever met.
But I do NOT want anymore.
My mid-life surprise has left me with an irrational fear of pregnancy. Which is impossible for me any longer; I had that little issue seen to six weeks after the baby was born. Told my doc to not only burn those tubes, but rip them out and jump on them too. She did.
Still, I have dreams that I'm pregnant and wake up in a cold sweat, yelling "NOOOOO!!" (they are relentless, I had one just last night). If I feel any movement in my abdomen, I freeze, because sometimes it's like that little fluttery feeling you get when the baby moves inside you. If I'm nauseous for more than a day, I freak out, because I had morning sickness all day long every day for months with both my pregnancies...and on and on.
I suppose this phobia will subside when menopause hits, but who knows.
Crazy stuff.
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I/We had a similar experience. We had our first 2 one after the other and thought if we have a 3rd, OK. Years went by. Nine years later my wife says, "I'm pregnant". I asked, "How did that happen?" I mean, I know how, but after 9 years, HOW? I believe it was because her 2 best friends and sister-in-law were pregnant. So I had mine snipped. Love my little one, but am way too old to be going through this again.

Hilarious.. Best to you my dear :)

HUGE HUGS :) I hear u Birdy :)