Its Totally Real

i have a phobia of pregnancy since i was 8 years old, the thought of it makes me feel sick and unclean when i am around pregnant women it freaks me out and my heart feels like is gonna pound outta my cheat its horrible i get so dizzy. my husband wants kids and i am trying so hard to avoid it making excuses why we cant its making my life miserable.

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ur not alone at all! i am tocophobia as well, tocophobia enough that i am in a gay relationship right now! i hate babies! they ruin ur life!

Do you want kids but don't want the pregnancy? Or do you not want to have kids at all?<br />
I was afraid, but was not phobic. I found "The Journey" by Brandon Bays a helpful tool in releasing my fears. From deciding to do that till getting pregnant, it was really quick.<br />
Being pregnant can be a positive experience as well! <br />
<br />
The important aspect is if you wish to change the state you are in or not.

You have my sympathy. Phobias are awful; they can keep you from having some wonderful experiences, and a lot of people don't understand. They will tell you "don't be afraid", as if you have a choice. Nobody wants to be afraid. Well, one thing you could try is learning as much as you can about pregnancy and all the advances there are to make it easier. Knowledge is power; perhaps you have misconceptions about it making you unnecessarily afraid. If that doesn't help, you could try a few sessions with a therapist. Maybe finding the root of your fear would help to work it out. On the other hand, you say your husband wants to have kids; what about you? Are you being pressured to do something you really don't want to? It's not for everyone, there's absolutely no shame in not wanting to have kids. But if you really do, and are just too terrified to endure a pregnancy, there's always adoption. I don't know if any of this helps. Good luck.

I think it would be scary for anyone that has not been pregnant look at a pregnant women and see how the stomach dont know what to expect. i remember back when i would stare and not really understand it, or not give it much thought. If its a fear maybe facing it youll see it wouldnt be so bad. <br />
when its just about the being pregnant part you dont want and jsut the child that you do want.<br />
pregnancy would be over as soon as you know it, and there is the bundle of joy