Ahem... May I Have Your Attention Please...

Never have liked to say that.. Its just like inviting the room to look over at you and stare with there piercing unforgiving relentless eyes...lol...well maybe not that bad.. But i am not one to jump in for the center of attention.. Last week my very good friend got married and I was her maid of honor.. Well little did i know that the maid of Honor has to say a speech...!!!! Sh!t....; (  Fortunately I am pretty good with words and i was able to spit out  a nice little wing it speech for my girl...; )  All the while inside I was screaming shaky sweating and wanting to run hide and die..; )  Then I got drunk..; )  
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2008

Get your doctor to prescribe propranolol. Actors and musicians with stage fright use it. It doesn't keep you from feeling nervous and doesn't make you feel drugged; but it does block the adrenal response that leads to panic, sweating, shaking, and blushing. It's a real life saver. Just pop one about an hour before you have to give a speech and your gold.

i can't do it either! just today i had to go in front of class and write something on the board and when i got back to my seat i realized my heart was racing and i was shaking.. i hate it!