Becoming A Tutor - Public Speaking

I work for a well known charity interviewing people and doing behind the scenes admin work.  I have now been asked if I would like to train to be a tutor, which would involve talking to groups of people and showing them how to do things.  I can show them how to do things but standing up in a class and talking to several people is new territory for me.  I am sure that with my subject knowledge I will be able to fill an hour's worth of classroom time with practical ideas for people to follow.  It's just the whole idea of standing there and projecting my voice that worries me a little.  I have been watching clips on Youtube on improving presentation skills and where to hold your hands when you're not using them.  That was very useful actually, a guy said relaxing your hands in front of the body with one hand gently resting against the other is a good technique for public speaking.  In other words, where to store your hands when you're not gesturing and pointing at the board.  So I am looking for other suggestions please.  Which tutors have you admired?  How did they gain the trust of the group?  Any techniques that would be helpful to a learner like me would be much appreciated. 
archers50 archers50
Aug 21, 2011