It's Hell

I think pretty much anyone with social phobia will have a phobia of public speaking, like me. Man, I just get so nervous. My heart starts beating hard, I tense up, my face starts to twitch, I get really hot and shaky. It's the worst possible feeling in the world. Just totally disgusting. bleh. Then I feel totally awful the whole day! Literally, the whole day! It's not good at all. Next semester, I am taking oral communication. I AM GOING TO DIE. :( Well, hopefully by then, my social anxiety disorder thing will be better. I hope...

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Type your comment here...Get your doctor to prescribe propranolol. Actors and musicians with stage fright use it. It doesn't keep you from feeling nervous and doesn't make you feel drugged; but it does block the adrenal response that leads to panic, sweating, shaking, and blushing. It's a real life saver. Just pop one about an hour before you have to give a speech and your gold.

I think it is natural to have a fear of public speaking. The first time I was really in front of a bunch of people it wasn't speaking but giving physical training in the army. I had just made sergeant and we were in battalion formation (over a thousand people) The sergeant major called on me to give the PT. I was terrified and screwed it up badly, stuttering and stammering and forgetting what I was supposed to do. The solution??? I was assigned as the permanent instructor, at the end of the year I was very comfortable being in front of ten or ten thousand people. Like most fears the best medicine is to face it - you can't do any worse than I did that day.

Public speaking is the HUGEST challenge - I dont mind doing it but that doesnt mean I dont get REALLY nervous. I always want to puke and this muscle just above my knee cap twitches - so strange! Iv had to do alot of presentations for uni - it definatly gets better with practise - so best of luck with that class, I hope it helps!!

Well, I'm on celexa and I've just been on it for 2 weeks exactly. I've started off with 5 milligrams and now I'm up to 10. My doctor says it's different for different people though. Like some people need about 40 milligrams.<br />
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And yeah, the pills have been working well for me. I noticed an improvement within 4 days. Though, I still do get nervous around people, but not so bad where it stops me from trying. I think you should talk to your doctor. You probably shouldn't take those meds again.

Minnie what kind of pills are you on and how long have you been on them.. have they been working real well for your anxiety?<br />
I know my mom has bad anxiety too she has been on like prozac and xanax ... I used to have a really bad addiction (non medical) to Xanax so that is completely out of the question.I am not quite ready to see a Dr. yet but I hope to soon really wish I knew if the pills worked great or not...

aww... thanks. :)

So you dont need to afraid anymore. trust yourself thats all... my fingers are crossed for you :)

thanks. I'm already taking pills and I'm finally going to start my therapy today. So I'm already on the road to recovery. I also agree that taking anti-depressants and getting therapy is the best thing to do. I tell people that, but they just don't want to, for some reason. Don't quite understand it really. But that's their decision. :)

social phobia is not a fate, it is temporary... you should go to the doctor and take the anti-depressan pills which the doctor tells you. You will be fine soon. beleive me... i was having social phobia many years ago. my problem was bigger than you. because i am a writer and they invite me to the morning show on the tv. Can you imagine that? I found some excuses many times but they were so insistent. Also i did not want to escape from that fear anymore, i was 29 years old and it was enough that nightmare for me... I went to doctor and took my pills and about 2 weeks later i went to the tv channel. I wasnt so cool ofcourse but i talked without shaking and blushing at least. And i said good-bye forever to my social phobia 1,5 years later. I always took my pills and went to my doctor . it workout for me... I wish you good luck :)

thanks. :)

Well I guess jumping into a class like that would def. push up the date to get rid of this anxiety!!!<br />
I could never do it, I admire that you are going to try!