I Can't Breathe

and I shake and I can't hold my papers or whatever I'm holding and I can't think and I skip big chunks and say "like" and "ummmmmmmm" soo much and forget to breathe but feel good at the end, I GOT IT OVER WITH! YES. Who cares about what people thought?

I hate it and feel deathly nervous for days and try to hold it off until the very last day, which is dumb. I always try to get out of it. Write a 5 page paper or give a 5 minute report to the class? Five page essay no problem. But when you have to do them it sucks so bad. 

But everyone gets nervous so whatever. Even the most confident people freeze up and get red and their hands shake. We're all in the same boat for speaking in front of the class. 

annaiscool annaiscool
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 26, 2010

i shake ,i sweat,, i got a problem of pronouncing correctly