I Have A Phobia For Phobias So To Speak!!

So I really try to get rid of mine.. was able to control a few but still I am scared of snakes (any kind.. I'm out of thr), deep water(I don't go newhere it) and really scared about losing my temper( wen I do I always end up hurting somebody I love..so hate it)..so will always try to get a control over my phobias... Any suggestions on how to get rid of these phobias??
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

The only way to get rid of it is to face it! And I know it's hard, but it 100% works.. I used to have a massive, I mean MASSIVE phobia of needles, and I've been in hospital for 4 months, so I've been facing my fears every day! It didn't go away strait away, but the more I made a blood test into a better experience like watching my favourite programme at the same time, the more it became easier.. Now I'm fine, for example, today I had a blood test and I watched the whole thing and it didn't even bother me. Honestly I promise you it works!

Wow..congratulations!! And thank you I'll definitely try to do follow that..