I hope none of you here have phobophobia... cause it is really terrible...

Likewise terrible is having Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia...

Logophobic people shouldn't read this!

People suffering from chromatophobia live in a dark world.

Medomalacuphobic people must always be horny.

Not good if you have both Chrematophobia and Peniaphobia...

All Chronophobics should aspire to become an astronaut so as to travel as fast as light!

Most computer nerds have ambulophobia

Cleptophobians should work in shops

I wonder how hydrophobians survive :P

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5 Responses Aug 11, 2007

Hehehe way to BS and be good at it! I did think of a phobia I should have listed in the other question list...<br />
I have a fear of not getting laid every day. :-D

funny but had to read it twice to get it!

hehe. most of those phobias I listed are "invented" ones. So just change "behind you" to classic greek and its done!

if one invents their own phobia's name- does it count?<br />
i have behindyouaphobia: the fear of people sitting directly behind you. *shrugs*

i do psychology in college and i remember once when we were looking at a list of phobias and there were some really amusing ones, but it was rather fun.