can't stand it, i can't swim because of it.... i hate going out on boats, i can't dunk my head down into the water and if i get to far into the sea when i was trying to solve it then i just lose it and its like i have to run... i dont care to change it anymore though... its not much of a problem for me... it doesn't affect my life unless at some point it involes swimming or being pushed into water lol.

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Also I get what you mean. I don't like water either. Or fire. Well, I love fire but I shouldn't touch it. Meh. I don't know how to swim either. Or ride a bike. I should really learn lol

I think I got lost in your experiences. Halp :c

lol i know O_O *throws out lifeline* quick grab ahold of it before you're lost within my profile forever xD

There is no hope for meeeee! Tell my cat I love her and tell everyone else I said gg!

Noooooooooooooooooooo! *dives in after you* Ah well, at least i'm an interesting and intellectual person, means you won't have to worry about getting bored :P