Leaches Yuck!

I have a serious fear of leaches. I know they can't hurt me, but they freak the hell out of me. I had one on me last week at work ( in a vineyard), I screamed and cryed and carried on, squeeling " get it off me, get it off me" etc etc. Some of the blokes laughed. They don't understand. If it was a snake or a spider, I would of been OK, but no, it was a bloody leach, YUCK! Does anyone have any ideas why people might get leach phobias. I have to stop here, I can't talk or think about them to long.
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8 Responses Sep 18, 2007

Wow! I think I have heard of this condition before, or something very similar, I heard of a gut who wanted to cut his legs off, because they didn't feel like they belonged to him!<br />
I hope you can work out your phobia bubbleyum10. At least I can do my best to avoid leeches!

I sat in the car at work today, because it was raining, I was nearly crying from the thought of getting a leach on me, so I didn't work. I just can't handle them. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do about my phobia.

I am scared of leaches too. I haven't had one on me yet or I would definite freak out! I shudder at even the thought of leaches. Omg, I can not imagine having a leach on me, especially there!

I heard they were a group of lesbians so I supsose they weren't shy when it came to getting in there to get it out. I sometimes wonder if that story is partly why I have such a strong phobia. It really freaks me out. Grose!

OK that is officially grotty. How would you get it out?<br />

I heard of a group of women skinny dipping, one of them thought it must of been "that time of the month", but she realized it wasn't, she was bleeding because there was a leech in there. YYYYYUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!

Thats what I think, he just said "it was also painful".<br />

My Partner got a leach in his eye when camping. EW!<br />