Electrocution Fear

A phobia or fear, either way. I have a fear of electrocution. I don't think I could ever change a lightbulb because of that reason. I am cautious around power outlets too. I've been electrocuted many times before, the thought just freaks me out now. It's the worst feeling, it goes straight to your heart, instant shock, argh!

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

me too. but i have a fear of electricity that overrides your nerves and tense you up, unable to let go. I hope the experts would take real care not to let loose wires hanging about in public. i would hate it happening to me and hate it to the same extend if it were to happen to someone else. stay safe every one. even if you're tired, dun go and hang on to any string-like, or rope-like stuff for support. but ofcos, some people will treat it as a freaking joke and play with it. then that's another story. if they got fried, they deserved it. but i'll still be scarred though. even though they're asking for it. the thought of it... scares me

As a child of 4 not knowing any better I got electrocuted when I put a bobby pin into an electric socket. I did this once more when I was 5 after getting out of the tub with a diary key. When i know the electric socket has a chance to spark I only pull the corded part not directly into the socket. Even though I get freaked out from sparks u just cant let a fear get the best of u.

The way to get over a fear is to do said activity and see nothing bad happens... I think about stuff like this too, but as dangerous as electricity is, they really do have it down to a science (atleast here in the US)

and can be painfull,i got zapped with 1000 volts once,working on a piece of electronics,my arm hurt up to my elbow