Literal Photographs

Well, mental ones anyway.

When the location of something is unknown, I search my memory for the last snapshot I have of that something. Sometimes it is shapes, sometimes just colors, sometimes the full object.

When I take tests and cannot remember the concept, I look through my memory for the snapshot of my notes. If it's fuzzy even I see certain letters, and from there my regular content memory can fill out the rest. It's not perfect of course. It takes me a while to do this sometimes, and other times it doesn't work.

Unlike some people, I don't have snapshots of everything. And taking deliberate snapshots works only 60% of the time when it comes to recall of words. With recall of images, it works 90% of the time.

It's not perfect. I wonder if I'm just a very visual person or if there really is such a thing as photographic memory...

Anyway, I thought I'd join this group since this is the closest group to what I experience.
Lenagical Lenagical
26-30, F
Nov 18, 2011