Balance Issues

Its not serious, its not life threatening, its not contagious, its not a big deal really - what it is is really really annoying....
in 2010 (december) i started to feel dizzy and having balance issues... and no, it wasn't the effects from the night before.... but they were debilitating and frustrating and annoying and made me feel weak as a kitten.... they left me drained.... I was giving 'travel sickness' tablets, migraine tablets, have undergone a variety of tests for hearing and balance issues, BP checks, the works.... nothing solid or life threatening detected which is brill but i still get dizzy, still feel lightheaded, still have the world spinning.... not all the time but enough of it to be annoying! The doctors say it should go away on its own, that i can take anti-nausea pills if and when needed, to rest, and live my life as normal.... but they can't tell me when it will resolve, only that it should - great huh!!
As such i can no longer do the job i Love.  In 2005 I gave up my career to re-train as a physio - loving the opportunity to fullfill a long held dream and give back and help others but now with this condition i have lost the opportunity to be a physio because really, how can i help people get back on their feet safely when I may cause them more harm... I would never forgive myself...
That being said I know that I am lucky - i can still work, and I do - i have returned to business admin, the career I gave up originally -  i can still go out and have fun with friends and family... its just annoying, but i think the most hurtful thing is the comments from other people - I look fine... i have never looked 'ill', so of course everyone assumes i'm fine and that is the hardest part to deal with.  They can't understand why i no longer do a job i love, or why i have taken a rain-check on an activity; why i usually abstain from alcohol (its bad enough feeling dizzy naturally without adding alcohol or a hangover into the mix ! ) or decline going to the movies as much because speed chases, quick camera changes, 3D and some full-on fast paced action makes me feel awful.... because i look fine they can't understand, they can't appreciate or empathise and that I find is hardest part to deal with at times....
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You have gone to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, right?<br />
My vertigo happens when I blow my nose, the eustachian tubes tend to be a little swollen, so one ear will pressurize with air and one won't...this causes the world to try and tump me off.<br />
If it does happen to be the eustachian tubes, gargling with hot salt water several times daily might help...but I imagine it's nothing so simple. I understand ginger can really help with sea-sickness, you might try eating a few pieces of candied ginger when the vertigo sets in.

Hi Hylierandom, yeah i have but thank you for asking... I shall try the gargling - i'll try anything to help - many thanks for both reading and your support, it is appreciated,

I've had a few bouts of short-term vertigo, and it was awful. It stinks you had to stop doing work you love...but I'm glad you can still do something you like. And I wish your friends were more supportive. Most of the time people just don't know what to say when faced with a friend's illness, and it seems to be worse when said illness is crippling but not utterly debilitating (if that makes sense).<br />
<br />
Wishing you all the best.

Hey Plaid, yes you make perfect sense and thank you for your support it is very much appreciated...x