Best Thing I've Done About My Apperance

Lip (Labret), Left side
Scaffold, Right ear
Ear Lobe, Right ear (soon to be extended)

I love all of my piercings, even though the scaffold is a pain in the arse to heal.
My first was my lip I got that in November last year, it was abit of an impulse thing because I wanted to change my appearance now that I was at uni. I got it and loved it instantly, I've only taken it out 3 times and each time I feel the loss like I'm missing part of my face. Nothing to muck around with, play with. And when I look in the mirror I'm shocked not to see it there.
I built it up and even asked a friend to come with me. Looking back its laughable because I was scared when it was like getting an injection. Just in my face. Quick poke bit of a fiddle nd it was over, just like that. So quick and easy and something I can't live without. Most people didn't even notice it was there just assumed I'd had it all along. People I've met since have assumed I've had it for years.
Pretty soon I was mucking around with new ideas.
My toungue, and an ear piercing were the favoured ones.

The scaffold came after a series of long deliberations. I knew I wanted another piercing, but wasn't sure what. I saw my friends boyfriend with a scaffold and the idea never left my head.
This one hurt the most. And was the most annoying to keep clean and heal. Apart from that I love it. Looks awesome and is another thing for me to play with when I'm fidgety.

The latest is only a few weeks old and I couldn't believe how easy it was compared to the other two. I guess the ear is the least painful but after the scaffold I expected something along the lines of the lip pain again. All it felt like was my lobe was compressed and suddenly theres a stud there.

Still playing around with the tounge idea, I want another piercing and the other one I'm considering is my right eyebrow. The tounge just seems like the preferred option because I want to push the boundaries. Tounge is definetley more extreme than the eyebrow. But I'm hesitant about the idea of swelling and infection with it because well its my mouth.
AgeonAngel AgeonAngel
Jul 19, 2010