Stubborn Piercings

The month is May and my girlfriend at the time, code named Celine, was visiting me in Williamsburg, Virginia. She was reading a book on the bed while I was at the computer bored. I suddenly thought about the Prince Albert piercing or PA and for reasons that I am unaware of I started browsing the facts and myths about the PA. I excitedly got Celine's attention to the pictures I was looking at claiming that these must hurt so much! We laugh and giggle at the pictures. I then decide to mess with her.

"Hey babe; what would you think if I got that done?"

I cocked my head to the side in confusion. It wasn't the fact that she said no that confused me it was how she said it. I decided to investigate.

"No? Ha ha! What do you mean no?" She looks at me with a serious face before replying,
"I mean no. You aren't getting that done."

I cocked my head again in confusion not quite understanding this turn of events. Then her next response clears the fog.

"That's my penis. I will not let you do anything to your penis that I don't like."

What?! My head begins to fizzle with anger. Did this woman just claim that my penis belongs to her?! Though I will agree there is a sense of ownership because those boobs are mine as is her beautiful butt but I would never say she can or cannot do whatever she wants to them.

"Excuse me? Babe, it's my penis and if I wanted to get this piercing, which I don't, then I should be able too."

Without even a response she calmly lays back on the bed to read her book; the conversation somehow complete in her eyes. I didn't know what to say but I felt the strongest of urges to do something I thought I'd never do.

"I'm going to go get a PA." She glaces in my direction like a mother would to an annoying child.
"You heard me babe. I'm going to look for the closest piercing joint and schedule it."
"But I said you couldn't do it."

People who know me know that I would never yell, curse at, cheat, or strike a woman in anyway. The closest I would go to violence with a woman would be to restrain her if she were to attack me. She could hit me full blown in the face and even though I would be extremely upset I would still do nothing but restrain her. But after she said that last comment I gave her a look that made her shrink a bit.

"And that is precisely why I am getting it done."
"No you aren't."

I ignore her as I find a number for a place called "Foxies Piercing Den". I make the call and schedule it for two weeks in advanced. Celine is so stunned she doesn't talk to me the rest of the day.

The next day she tries to argue with me, reason with me, and "persuade me", but to no avail. I was as stubborn as a mule in this and it was going to happen.

For the following weeks it turned from reason to anger. Some days she wouldn't talk to me, others she simply found stupid reasons to be mad at me. Though I found them quite amusing; it had to be when you know the real reason why she was angry, it ended up getting really annoying.

Then the day came and although she hated me for it she went with me. I drove the quick fifteen-minute drive and when we arrived I quickly got extremely nervous and scared. Was I really about to do this?! What saved me was the fact that Celine could see that I was scared and kept trying to convince me that this was dumb and that we should leave. My stubborn attitude would flare up and wash away all doubt and fear.

We walk in and I was greeted by my future piercer, code named Bell, and she was as tatted and pierced up as any proud and big woman should. I told her what I wanted and she was extremely polite and accommodating.

Now gentlemen who read this, I am as straight as they come. There is nothing more amazing to me then a great set of boobs followed by an amazing smile and personality so I hope you will understand this next part.

I looked at her and asked her who would be doing the piercing. Bell said that she would. I calmly asked her if there was a man that could do it. She raised an eyebrow before saying that she was the only one qualified to do it. I said that was fine and we were told to wait. Celine asked me with a giggle why I wanted a man to do it. I told her very calmly that I felt a man, having the same thing I did in between my legs, would understand better what I was about to go through and would take the extreme cautions needed for such a procedure. She nodded her head in understanding and the wait continued.

Bell came out of the back room and said we were ready to begin. I walk in trying to look calm but being extremely nervous and scared.

The place was clean, well-kept, and in order as Bell got everything she needed set out and prepared. She asked me if I had any other piercings. I told her about my nipple piercings. She asked if I had done the research for this piercing and I said that I had. She then began to explain to me the procedure and the risks involved. She asked me if I wanted any kind of pain numbing injection and I said no. I said no because I felt it would ruin the experience of the piercing. Then she asked me to do something that I wasn't ready for.

"Ok I need to see your penis."

Duh?! What? Oh...ha ha! Of course! I said in my head because she'd obviously have to see it right?

So I try to act like it was cool and everything but I am pretty sure I looked like a shy boy trying to learn how to pee in the stand up urinals next to other boys. She looked at it, touched it, inspected it, all in a professional manner and when I saw this I was no longer shy. In fact, I asked some questions of my own.

"So how many times have you done this?"
"Eh, definitely in the three digits but I am unsure on the exact number."
"Ok so you've probably seen a lot of penis's then?" She giggled at me.
"So, if you wouldn't mind me asking; how do I compare?"

Celine lost it. She was laughing so hard she almost fell to the floor and Bell sat back to smile at me before responding.

"Why would you ask that?"
"Because I feel that, you being completely unbiased about my 'situation' I feel your answer would be a truthful one and one that I would be ok with whether or not you say it is big or small."

She giggled at me before responding.

"Dude, you're good."
"What? What does that mean?" She gives me that serious look women are so famous for giving.
"It means you are good. You aren't small or average. You are good to go." I couldn't help but beam. She continues on.
"You know I am telling the truth for one reason; the penis almost as a mind of its own and when I do this procedure the penis will shrink into itself because of fear. I will always have to 'dig it out' in order to continue on but with yours, even though I know you yourself is scared, it isn't the case and you aren't shrunk in at all."

Now ladies who read this I asked the question because I feel it is your, women's, prerogative to say a man is big to make him feel awesome, good, or whatever. I feel that this prevents you from answering truthfully just like a man may be inclined to say you indeed do not look fat in that dress when in fact you may. Same perspective and I found a unique situation where I could ask a woman this question and feel that it would be answer I could trust. Plus I was about to go through an extremely painful procedure and felt some what close to this woman.

So she continues on with the procedure using a black substance to mark where the needle would enter and go through. All the while she was telling me what was going to happen.

Then it began. She asked me to breathe and start counting to ten. I held onto Celine's hand and began to count. I looked up because I didn't want to see it happen. I then felt a mind blowing pain down there and started breathing heavy. I then thought to myself, "Wow! That wasn't so bad at all?!" Then the pain multiplied; by 2938472938472938740193847.

The first pain was the tube she inserted so the needle could go inside and down. The second pain was the actual needle piercing my flesh.

Celine claims I got rock hard. To my credit I didn't make a sound though I am sure it is because the pain was so intense that the contracted muscles prevented oxygen from getting into my lungs which prevented me from making noises.

Then the bleeding started and I looked down. I stared at the result of a stupid argument that lead to this moment and even it hurt so much I felt a surge of pride. I did it. I had done it!

While she was cleaning it and getting me ready to leave I asked her why the ring looked so big. She told me that because of my size, a 10 gauge wouldn't have healed well so she had to use an 8 gauge. All those with piercings know that the lower in number you go the thicker in ring you got.

I raised an eyebrow but thought nothing else of it. The ordeal was over and complete.

I thanked her, gave her a huge tip, and Celine had to drive home. She laughed at me the entire time but in my mind it was a game. I won.

The following months were filled with careful urination, even more careful walking, and constant observation at the new addition to my body. Though it was extremely painful I thought it looked really nice and awesome. A month and a half later after having sex for the first time with it, she also agreed. :)
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how painful

Awesome story. I wish I had the courage.

Great story.