One Piercing

I only have 1 piercing in my left ear.  I wear my 22 year old daughter's baby earing.  Keeps me close to her. I sometimes wear a shark's tooth for a change.

I remember when I got it pierced about 20 years ago.  My wife and x-wife pierced it and then had a hard time getting the post to go thru so I have 1 main hole but a bunch of false holes that don't go thru.  They kept poking holes.

After they finished I went down to visit my mother the following day and she could not get over it.  Even though I had been married twice, had 3 kids at the time and been out of her house for many years  she was still pissed at me.  Could not believe it.


dorado dorado
51-55, M
1 Response Apr 19, 2008

AWWW that's sweet that you wear your daughters baby earring.. :D