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During the summer i finally got my belly button pierced cus i passed high school, but a few months later my body rejected it its been about five months or six im not quite sure nd im waiting for my scar to heal to get it re pierced, nd about a week ago i went to the piercing nd tattoo place i go too during lunch time i went to go get my nosed poerced, i love it im 18 now so i cab get any piercing nd tattoo i want :) but i aint going to go crazy
Devil2me Devil2me 18-21, F 3 Responses May 23, 2012

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Ever thought about a vertical clithood piercing? It's a turn-on for men and women alike. <br />
You will like it, as I like my PA-piercing now for almost twenty years!

I had mine done, too, and it also grew out. I didn't even have it a year :( But I don't think I'll get it pierced again, it was not a pleasant experience for me. I hope you have better luck this time!!

That's too bad about your belly button, maybe the next time around you will have better luck with it. I got my nostril pierced last year, I was 23. When I got my lip pierced when I was 20 I thought it was going to be the only one, I said I wouldn't go crazy too but now I am 24 and I now have 11 piercings total and there are still a couple more I plan on getting, I keep saying it's my last one I promise but i keep finding more piercings I want. lol. You can still look good with lots of piercings as long as you balance them out and don't ever get a piercing you don't think will look good on you, I have changed my mind about some I used to want for that reason :)