i only have my ears pierced..and i don't remember getting them peirced...anyways i'm hoping that i can get spiderbites only my lip[[not snakebites]] and a conch [[on my right ear]]

when i have the money and hoping since i have the money my mom will allow it.




i got spiderbites on my lip [this last halloween] about a week ago or two [spiderbites not snakebites..on the left side of my lip]

i love them!!! i didn't really intend on getting them on halloween though and i have a job i just got but i can't work until my spiderbites heal and i put those clear things in when i go to work so you can't see them ( i forgot what the clear things are called) but it's no big deal being only 15 and not 16 i can only work on the weekends but least i have a job

and later i am getting the conch and an industrial on my right ear...it'll cost like 70 to 80 bucks but i should have the money sometime...i can't wait!!

Loganberry Loganberry
18-21, F
Aug 12, 2007