Secret Pericing

I have always been really into piercing I already had 9 ear parsings starting since when i was born. All of a sudden i started getting into body parsings so i have a Major urge to Pearce my belly button. At the time i was only 12. One day i asked my moms boy-friend if i cooed he said yea but yo oh have to pay I said OK ... I have the money now. At the time i thought he was joking. I knew i wouldn't ask my mom i knew she would say no she said the day i turned 16 and my dad he said when he was dead. So the next day he was taking me to go get McDonald's and the discretions didn't seem right so i said where are we going he said to get your belly button pierced.  MY tummy turned i thought he was joking but we pulled up at the place and i got out i was shaking so bad. So i got to talk to the guy more and he was really nice so i got less scared. then a few minutes later he marked it and then i was done. I felt so stupid. I didn't even feel it. All i felt was the clamps. My mom did dent find out until 4 months later. My dad around the same time. Mom did dent care that much she was just mad i did it behind her back. Yet still to this day i wont tell her who took me. Lil. My dad on the other hand... He wanted to kill me and makes me take it out when-ever i see him. well thats my story.
AlanaMaire925 AlanaMaire925
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2007