If Only My Mom Really Knew...

It took me forever to get my ears pierced. Years and years and years of begging from my mom to get it done, but I wouldn't do it. I got in the chair on several occasions and chickened out every single time. Finally, after my six year old cousin did it, I decided to.

And then I got them pierced a second time.

And then I got my belly button pierced almost a year ago. My mom found out about that one (she would have inevitably found out anyway) and seemed ok with it, though she thought it looked incredibly painful (which it wasn't at all).

And then I got my nipples pierced. I love them. They're the best piercings ever and I felt so brave after getting them done (the worst pain ever!). I don't think I'm ever going to let her find out about these piercings.
13squared 13squared
22-25, F
Aug 14, 2007