Piercing #5

My fifth piercing was not planned. My friend came up to me in english and was like "I'm having a bad day, let's go pierce something!" and i just smiled and said yes.

so during our fourth period spare we went downtown and each got a piercing. My friend pierced her nose, while i just went simple and went with a helix. I knew my mom would never approve so i just got whatever i thought i could hide the best.

i love it! That makes five now. Next i want either my eyebrow or labret. bellybutton is on teh list for sure as well....

my mom asked me when i would be content with what i had.....i'm thinking a double digit number will be good enough....ten or eleven maybe?

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4 Responses Jan 24, 2007

My left nose is pierced yet now i dont wear nose ring as well as nath, because of society.

I am from the older generation who does not see the need to mark up my body with tattoos or piercings, but I would definitely support piercings over tattoos. If you get tired of a piercing you just remove the offending jewelry. If you dislike a tattoo, you are facing some expensive plastic surgery. I often wonder if the folks getting the tattoos ever think about the possible future expense of ridding themselves of the tattoos? I really think there should be laws against children getting tattoos. What do other people think?

If i was an employer I would find it difficult to look beyond the multiple piercings and even if you took them out the scars would be enough for me to look to the next person. Its your choice but they can be addictive, take care - Danni

I'd be interested to hear WHY you like it so much. I have pierced ears but have noticed that when you take an earring out, it smells slightly cheesy, no matter how much you've been washing your ear. This has put me off piercings.