Body Mods Da Shizzle!

mmm... yummy yummy! nothing beats getting a piercing. Every last bit of its enjoyable! Im practicing on myself and friends at the moment! At the moment ive got 3 eyebrow, 3 tongue, 3 bellybutton (yes 3 is the magic number) 2 genital, 2 nose, 3 nipple, 2 lip (no there wont be a 3rd, it would ruin the alignment i got going on). I think thats it. Whos with me saying they love body modification. Just started stretching my ears. Got 10 and 6 at the moment. And as soon as the money comes together it will be tongue splitting for me!!!!!! WOO HOO!




PioraRua PioraRua
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 18, 2009

DAYUM props to you.. I think I would cry like a fu(king baby if I got my tongue split... getting it pierced is as far as I'm going.. lol