My Baby Girl....

Her name, Encino. She has brindle legs, white feet, bib and a black body, part pittie, part lab. She is affectionate and loving. She whimpers like a monkey when left alone along with enjoying the freedom to redecorate . *smiles and chuckles* She greets me with a 'wruff wruff'' all while carting her kong as a tease offering. She is my nurse when I am sick making sure I am always warm and never alone. She is my confidant, my walk partner and always there for me. Sadly though, she is now gone and while I now home sick, I find myself reflecting...... I am amazed just how much I miss My Baby Girl and how her friendship/love/loyality meant to me.

As a friend said to me once, "we are lucky they have allowed us into their lives NOT the other way around"
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

Your dog is identical to my pit bull

Very touching. I hope that you can soon find another companion that means as much to you as did this one.

*smiles* thank you Risenphoenix!!