Because I Know How Broken Feels Like

because i know how being broken feels like, i've always have a place in my heart. doesn't matter in what form you are broken, if i can help you, i most certainly will. i'm broken by "love", "people" and "betrayal". what are you broken for...
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6 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Hope this video encourages you...<br />
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4 sure i could use ur help---i added u az a friend. plz read my profile & u will know exactly what i mean...i could really use a friend. thx kris

thank you sunflower101... i hope for that too...

i really hope for a start-over myself. that's a very nice thing to say.

most welcome bev.... i hope somewhere, somehow... things will start to look up.... we are bound to make mistakes in life only to find the right one in the end, not only for the moment, but for the rest of it......

I feel what you are saying. I have felt nothing but broken for the past year. I lost my home, my job and last but not least my lover this past month. I thought I had finally found some happiness but it was not meant to be.<br />
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He left with little and no explanation and I have been crying for months.<br />
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Thanks for sharing. But most of all thanks for listening.<br />
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