"how" My Daughter Touched My Heart.....

When My Daughter turned 17 This Month all we have been hearing more and more are stories on the news about "How" awful todays teenagers are. It"s always sad to hear what people say about the category of humans that you fit into.I went with her to pick up some school supplies for school one afternoon and she simply held the door open for a frail-looking elderly woman. To my delight she was extemely greatful and said things like "Thank you so much"!, and said you teenagers are so sweet these days. She quickly put a big smile on her face and she told some of her friends later that day. They thought it was really neat. I think that it is "Wonderful" how sometimes, the littleest things can touch anybody in the perfect way? It"s just a thought, "But" to me just being nice is a gift to you as well as the person you give it to know matter how big or small.......Anto815
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it is the little things that make the big difference!

HI Friend, Thanks for taking the time in reading my story. Im sorry it has taking me so long in getting back to you. Your comment put a smile on my face and the days im having i sure beeded it thanks again and have a good night..

To my Dear friend, Thankyou all for wreading my storie it make my kife a whole lot holder. If you liked that story there are more and if you should find one plesse let me know how you doing..Thanks again, Have a wonderful night...Thanks again

That sort of kindness can change not only one's day, but one's entire opinion of others.

Thank you You have really touched my heart in a nice way...

Hi grimgirl42, Let me start off by saying how sorry i am for taking so long to reply. My computer died and my daughter is always on it. If you would like i have alot of others that u can read. Thanyou for your imput im ure it will help, Please look me upn and friend me i have problems doing that. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good night.

Dear Noha Body 123, Im writting sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Thanks for taking the time out in reading my story. I wish you would keep reading them. What you said was so nice and I thank you from the bottom of my heart I am from a family of 10. I have 7 sisters and 3 Brothers and let me tell you I was not raised anything like I raise my Daughter. I love her with all my heart and we have such a special relationship I don't know what id do without. I live for her. I still call her The Baby if i should be talking to someone because to me she'll always be My Baby. Well Thanks again Hope to here from you again soon. Im always writting....

Thanks so much for the Beautiful comment I try with all my Heart. Thankyou for taking the time in reading my storie. I"m just sorry it has taken so long for me to answer. Thanks again. Have a good day!

im greateful too to see a teenager so open to the world lately well is true im 20 years old im struggling in life too but i learn how to be a good person and not be rude to other people you seem like a woman who is teaching her kids how to be great person in the future