A Broken Spirit.

To break a bone in any part of your body mean's a trip to the doctor, a cast and heal time. But there is no cast or splint for a broken spirit. To be beat down by life and circumstance's to a point that the heart is gone from you is a sad thing to see in anybody. I know because I battle with it each day with depression. To live with that pain each day and feel alone with it is a hard thing to do. Yet I find that other's like myself is whom I connect with so easy. Maybe it is because I know the pain they feel, but more I feel that is that once you break through their shell you find a kind soul. One that has nothing left to hide or prove. A soul that is just looking for a friend, a person to say I care and really mean it. Not really much to ask for is it ? Compashion, somthing we often seek from other's yet play pick and choose with who we ourselve's give it to.

If I had to choose between Barbi and Ken who think they are it, who look down on all those who they dont feel fit their class and live with their head stuck up their prideful a$$ or a person with a broken spirit then barbi and ken can keep there head just where it is at. They can keep their fake life and fake friend's and I will choose that broken spirit because in that broken spirit is the heart of a true person and one that is an honor to call, my friend.
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Thank You for reading and commenting JustAnotherMother. Depression my bring some bad thing's one's way but it also help's to open the eye's and heart to other's that are in pain or just in need of a little understanding and kind word's from sombody that care's enough to just listen. I intend to hold tight the lesson's I have learned. My Best.

Thank You for readind and commenting lagatta. Though I dont like living with depression and all that come's with it I do enjoy the open heart and closed eye's that it brought me. I see people better. My Best

Awesome post!! I never thought of it that way, but yes, I think that there is so much more realness to a broken person. When people are vulnerable they often become more real and share more of themselves. <br />
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My mother-in-law is a good example. When I 1st met her, she was going through a divorce and was still quite hurt and vulnerable. At that point she would share so much more of herself and her feelings. She was more of a girlfriend than a mother-in-law. Since she moved on with her life and got herself a new husband,etc. she has become much more the classic mother-in-law and our relationship has changed. We no longer share intimacies or a friendship. My husband says that she has regained her old personality which is quite cool and distant.<br />
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I've noticed this many times. When people are going through hardships they frequently breakdown and become real and then as soon as things are better they go back to their normal facade. It's so sad.

I give you credit Miss Boomer, you do a good job of tolorating me : )

jc2009 said it best about you my friend. I am with him 100%<br />
amysangels knows a good person too and I commend her!<br />
BCBoomer58 knows you are a good person indeed and once again, I'll say I'm blessed to be able to call you my friend, my jjfriend, and my little brother!! For ep people, who do not know us, we are not related in the world but are in Gods World. Take care my friend, and be sure to get some rest.

Thank You for your kind word's amysangels.

robert idk u but u r a good person...

Thank you JC and snowflakevirg, your kind word's mean much to me.

You are so right. Having an inner beauty is much more important.

Robert,<br />
<br />
There are no enough words in my limited vocabulary to describe how you have been with us, your friends. Your caring words and compassion to others is blind in the fact that it sees no color, ethnicity or gender.<br />
<br />
I am a perfect example of that a puertorican, not even a conservative. Nevertheless, it did not matter to him, he accepts me as I am and I have been fortunate to receive his words of encouragement when I strayed off the path. He has listen to my ramblings without judging me and shared his wisdom on many things in life that I am just an apprentice. <br />
<br />
I think that each one of you have a similar story to tell and are grateful to be part of his circle.<br />
<br />
For that and much more and I think I speak from all of us. Thank you for let us be your friend. <br />
<br />
<br />
Cordially,<br />
<br />

thanks Luv..he's going to need it. Prayers across the miles can reach any broken spirit.

Thank's Miss Owlie, I take that as a compliment with honor. A little compashion can make the difference in another's life. I will add your friend to my prayer's tonite.

You are my EP angel..I just received an email from a friend .he tried to end his life. Everyday he is in pain from an incurable heart problem..now what to do? He is alive but the illness made him too tired to live. It's a sad situation.......