Damaged Men

i always felt i be the one to hold up a good man. one who has been hurt in the past but wants to love again. 
but instead i keep falling for damaged men. some how im attracted to them. broken men who tho kind and caring were left broken hearted, sad, and unmistakably damaged. i feel lik i can help them find love again but try as i might i just keep hurting myself. for truly damaged men can not b fixed and not b help. but when u have a weak spot for them u always feel lik u must try.
dragongoddess dragongoddess
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2010

Damaged men want to love ,but like a lot of damaged women, deep down don't believe they deserve to be loved. <br />
The decisions you must make are brave ones. Not to judge his faults, not to try to change him, but to let him grow and heal for himself, on his own. <br />
When you get together with a man like this ask yourself "can I stay with this man if he stays this way?" <br />
YOU are the one who must decide if you are strong enough to stick with it through this process. The process however ,is HIS. <br />
You cannot change him, and if you try, he may dig his heels in and defy you. Let HIM decide who he wants to be. <br />
You need to remind him that you cannot be a party to his neuroses. <br />
Deny his paranoid thoughts, but if he is taking too much of a toll on you, you have to leave him. Do it kindly, without leaving false hope. Giving him false hope is just a kind of unintentional cruelty.<br />
I say this as a damaged man. Its generalising, but it has some truth to it.

i feel that if one really wants to b fixed it can happen but u must work at it