Do Not Be Afraid

We do live in a world of uncertainty and broken people.  An Native American tale tells us, "A fight is going on inside me".  It was a terrible fight between two wolves.  One wolve is evil and ugly. The wolve is anger, envy, war, greed, arrogance, self-pity, regret, resentment, lies, selfishness and the list goes on for eternity. In contrast, the other wolve is beautiful and good, filled with joy, peace, love,  hope, humility, true compassion, generosity, and the best forgiveness.

The same fight is going on inside all of us and every other person as well.  The question is, Which wolve will win?  The wolve we feed. Who amoung us has not found ourselves acting in ways that confound and even appall us deep inside our very heart and soul.

I wonder if many of our struggles do not grown from our reluctance to face honestly the fears and doubts, the uncertainties and struggles, the stresses and anxieties, buried deep within us.  So much life is lived in fear-fear of success; fear that should be perform well and act admirably, others will expect that we will always do the same.  Because the fear of uncertainty, and the broken hearts live within us, we often find ourselves feeding and nourishing the evil wolf within us rather than the beautiful wolve.  We much learn to grow and forgive ourselves so that the beautiful wove will live within our heart and souls.
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1 Response Oct 21, 2010

This is beautiful. I think that it is completely correct. Once we are afraid of something, it just seems to grow, and effect the person we have become. I always pray that I won't be afraid anymore. I have missed out on a lot from being sad and afraid. Thank you so much for the inspiration.